Slayer feat. Ace of base — Ensemble that she wants

Сурковый митол

Жэфтоне классно исполняют ))


Тру Укупник

укупник metal style

Revocation — The Grip Tightens

Интересная идея для ролика:

Ансамбль Христа Спасителя unplugged

метал в церкви

Еще немного дезняковых животных

Помни, металист!

металл - это основа могущества государства

Death Metal стиральная машина

Вот это расколбас!!!

A short biography:

Димму бургерDimmu Borgir are often called Dummy Burger as they invented the fast food metal also called easy listening symphonic black metal.
They are also categorized as Hollywood sympho black metal. Easy to listen for the masses with many special FX but nothing inside.

The turn in their career happened with Death Cult Armageddon, when they annouced the color with their well-known cover picturing a metallic sphyncter, warning the listener about the flow of diarrhea about to fill their ears. This new album has a cover reminiscent of this…
Since DCA they sworn to become as ridiculous and useless as Cradle of Filth and still, nobody understands why this competition…